Dental Services

At Kosten Dental Care, we are prepared to provide a variety of treatment to serve your dental needs, including:

Routine Exams, Xrays, Oral Cancer Screenings, and Cleanings
Prevention is the best medicine!  Routine care every six months combined with good home care promotes a healthy mouth.  Patients who have a history of decay may need xrays more often than patients who have had little to no history of cavities.

Scaling and Root Planing, also known as Deep Cleaning
Scaling and root planing is needed if calculus, also known commonly as tartar, is found significantly below the gumline or if signs of periodontal disease, or gum disease, are found.  Scaling and root planing is done with local anesthetic so the calculus can be completely removed without discomfort.

Fillings replace missing tooth structure once decay has been removed from the tooth.

Crowns provide more structural strength for a tooth that is compromised either due to missing tooth structure from decay, breakage, or in the case of a back tooth, a root canal.  Crowns provide strength when a large filling will no longer be adequate to restore the tooth.

Bridges replace missing teeth by using either natural teeth or implants to anchor to on either side of the missing tooth.  Bridges are cemented in the mouth and are not removable except by a dentist.

Implant Restorations
Once an implant has been placed to replace a missing tooth by either a periodontist or an oral surgeon, a crown is placed over the implant.  An implant is the restoration most similar to a natural tooth available today.

Dentures replace some or all of a patient’s missing teeth.  Dentures are fabricated at a laboratory based on models of the patient’s mouth and are removable by the patient.

Root Canal Treatment
If the nerve of the tooth dies or becomes irreversibly inflamed due to decay or trauma, a root canal is needed.  Straight forward root canals are done in our office, however, if the root canal is more complex, the dentists at Kosten Dental Care collaborate with several excellent specialists to whom they may refer their patients.

Sometimes a tooth must be removed because either the patient chooses not to save the tooth or it cannot be saved through reasonable dental measures.  We perform many extractions in our office, however, if the extraction appears exceptionally complex, our dentists will refer patients to one of the oral surgeons with whom they work closely.

Teeth can be whitened by several different methods.  If you have tried over the counter whitening products, but are looking for something stronger or quicker, there are options that only a dentist can provide.  At Kosten Dental Care, we have both at-home bleaching with custom trays or in-office whitening available.

Sealants are a protective coating placed on healthy, permanent, back teeth to prevent future decay.  No anesthetic is necessary, and they can be placed very easily, even on young children.

Nitrous Oxide, also knows as Laughing Gas
Nitrous oxide is available for patients who may have some anxiety about dental treatment.  Nitrous oxide does not put the patient to sleep, but does make most patients feel more relaxed and at ease during treatment.  The effects of nitrous oxide are completely gone before you leave the office, so it is safe to drive home from your appointment.  Nitrous oxide is an excellent option for children who might otherwise have difficulty completing dental treatment.